Who We Are.

Green Park Housing Association, a registered social landlord that provides temporary supported accommodation nationally in conjunction with The Presidential Hustle and Devarla Sai Charan are taking up the mantle, to provide thousands of pairs of socks and gloves across London and Birmingham. Both Cities have a crisis with homeless and especially rough sleepers.

Project Warm 2018 will be run from the 8th – 23rd of December across Birmingham and London.

The Numbers

Rough Sleepers in Number

Government figures revealed, by autumn 2017, figures for England

People Classed As Homeless.

Including 1 in 59 people in London

Increase in Homelessness

Between 2015 and 2016 alone, the number of people living on the streets rose by 16 per cent

Our Mission

Project Warm 2018

Delivering some comfort to those that are the most vulnerable and often hidden in society.


Providing warmth to those who need it the most during these crucial winter month and drop in temperature.


Aim to reduce death and illness that has been linked to the freezing conditions of winter.

Reason Behind The Initiative.

With the onset of winter, and the forecast of snow and sub-zero temperatures hitting the UK shortly.  It’s a dangerous time for rough sleepers. Recent deaths of homeless people have been reported in Westminster, Edinburgh and Chelmsford, which have been linked to the freezing conditions. According to research by Crisis, there are around 9,000 people sleeping on Britain’s streets right now.

Project Warm 2018 will be run from the 8th – 23rd of December across Birmingham and London.

Project Warm 2018!

Project Warmth will run from the
8th of December to 23rd December 2018
across Birmingham and London.

Use #HomelessHustle to support and join the movement on social media.